Methionine: an essential amino acid for the health of our body.

Methionine  is an essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized by our body, except in very small quantities, hence it requires its intake through diet.

In addition to being a building block of proteins, it is a precursor of taurine and cysteine, two important amino acids. It can be found in foods such as egg white, poultry, fish, shellfish, oilseeds, and dried fruit.

According to scientific research, methionine can be beneficial in the case of:

  • urinary tract infections,
  • excess of heavy metals in our body,
  • weak immune system,
  • Parkinson’s disease.

In urinary tract infections, methionine can make urine slightly more acidic, creating an environment that makes it more difficult for bacteria to proliferate, carrying out a protective action in women suffering from this annoying problem.

Thanks to its characteristics, in combination with other nutrients, it can stimulate liver function by facilitating the chelating function of our kidneys: in this way, a greater detoxifying effect will be guaranteed.

As for Parkinson’s disease, however, research has identified a very frequent deficiency in people affected by this disease, suggesting possible correlations. Its adequate supplementation is often suggested for preventive or contrasting purposes against this neurodegenerative disease.

To this, it must also be added its role in strengthening the immune system: adequate levels of methionine help the formation of immune-stimulating amino acids (of which it is a precursor) that can help increasing our immune defenses.

As we said initially, methionine cannot be synthesized by our body and its intake must take place through food. However, this may not be enough, especially when we face people with restrictive diets (for example vegetarian/vegan): in all these cases it is advisable to supplement it with specific food supplements whose dosage can be easily recommended by your own doctor.

IPS – International Products and Services, through its Suractives® division can supply methionine manufactured using the patented Miniactives® technology, a method that allows the processing of nutraceutical active ingredients starting from inert nuclei on which the active ingredient is applied and functionalized with appropriate membranes.

The Miniactives® technology allows the creation of a Taste Masking product, i.e. perfect masking of flavors and odors, making methionine more appreciated by the end-user, leaving the absorption times unchanged, and maximizing the bioavailability of the product.

In fact, during the processing stages, each particle is covered with one or more layers of active ingredients, subsequently coated with a suitable polymeric membrane, allowing a homogeneous distribution of the product along the entire gastro-enteric tract after ingestion.

Thanks to this internationally patented process, it is possible to obtain various dosage forms such as water-dispersible and/or oral-dispersible single-dose sachets, and single-dose bottles with measuring caps and high-dose hard gelatin capsules.

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