Suractives is focused on the discovery and development of innovative pharma and food supplements technologies and the industrial production and sales to third Companies of the products concerned in bulk form.

IPS represents today the first enterprise entirely dedicated to R&D and industrial production for third parties of innovative food supplements in controlled release and modified physical structure form.

The physical form of the products obtained with the IPS technologies is a fine granulate which can be utilized to obtain any sort of final dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules, single dose sachets also oro-soluble, extemporary suspensions, single dose bottles with measuring caps.


Innovative forms of food supplements.
The multi years experience of the IPS technical staff in the R&D and industrial production of modified release food supplements and pharmaceutical products ensures a first class expertise in solving most of the problems faced in this areas, including those related to:

  • bioavailability of active ingredients
  • stability of incompatible substances
  • dependence of substances from the physiological pHs
  • masking of unpleasant taste
  • inconvenient dosage forms, particularly for pediatric and geriatric use.

The activity of the SURACTIVES® Division is based on proprietary patented technologies applied to active ingredients of proven efficacy, with the following purposes:

  • optimization of absorption compared to conventional forms
  • obtainment of gastro-resistance
  • decrease of undesirable side effects
  • improvement of convenience of intake
  • more modern appealing look


I.P.S. – International Products & Services founded in 1976 is part of the GP GROUP OF COMPANIES, fully owned by PADUSA S.p.A., an Italian family holding whose diversified activities extend to:

  • Microincapsulation by coacervation for industrial use
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture & Natural Reserves
  • Real Estates
  • Financing & Investing
  • Hotel & Residential Areas
  • Wellness & Spa Center


When we founded Pharmatec, more than 40 years ago, we were determined to maintain an unswerving commitment to product innovation, in order to provide the pharmaceutical industry with formulations that optimize the absorption of active substances, enhancing their therapeutic effects. Our determination remains the same.

We are today dedicated to further improving our skills and expertise in the field of food supplements, to establish ourselves, once more, as a leading supplier of innovative products in this new field.

Gino Pasotti

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