The starting point for the production of active ingredients in MINIACTIVES® form
are neutral micro particles of round shape, with dimensions between 400 and 500 µm.

Each single particle is covered with one or more concentric layers of the ingredients, and subsequently coated with a polymeric membrane chosen among those suitable for taste masking (TM) and/or to obtain a pre-established timed release (TR).

The MINIACTIVES® Taste Masking formulation provides for a total masking of unpleasant smell and taste of certain active ingredients, leaving the time of their absorption unchanged.

The MINIACTIVES® Timed Release formulation gradually releases the active ingredients by diffusion, in a pre-determined time, thanks to a polymeric permeable and insoluble membrane coating each single particle, thus assuring a constant release, largely independent from physiological variables, such as pH, gastro-intestinal motility, presence of food and others.

Thanks to their minute size, the MINIACTIVES® technology allows the production of various dosage forms of food ingredients, perfectly tasteless and/or in timed release, such as single dose dispersible and/or oro-soluble sachets, special high dose “reservoir” tablets (see relevant technical data sheet annexed), small single dose bottles with metering stopper and high dose hard gelatin capsules, impossible to obtain with the traditional controlled release technologies.

The MINIACTIVES® process is an exclusive technology originally developed by I.P.S. – International Products & Services srl, internationally patented, carried on in compliance with current cGMP for food supplements.

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