Sodium Butyrate: a New Technology for Taste Masking and Gastro Protection


Sodium Butyrate is a salt derived from butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid naturally produced in the colon through the fermentation of dietary fibers by the intestinal microbiota. This compound plays a crucial role in maintaining intestinal health, acting as the primary energy source for colon epithelial cells and promoting the repair and regeneration of the intestinal mucosa.


Benefits and Applications

Sodium Butyrate is known for its multiple benefits, including:

  • Improving intestinal health: Contributes to maintaining the integrity of the intestinal barrier, preventing the entry of pathogens and harmful substances.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect: Reduces inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, useful in conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Supporting the immune system: Promotes the balance of the intestinal microbiota and supports immune functions.


Challenges in Supplementation

Despite its benefits, the supplementation of Sodium Butyrate presents some challenges:

  • Unpleasant odor and taste: The characteristic odor and taste of Sodium Butyrate can make direct intake difficult.
  • Gastric stability: The lability of the active principle during gastric transit requires protection to ensure efficacy.


Innovative Solutions from IPS:
MATRIS® for Taste Masking and Gastro Protection

To overcome these challenges, IPS has developed two innovative products using patented MATRIS® technology:


Dosage Forms and Applications

The ideal dosage forms for MATRIS®-based Sodium Butyrate products are multiple and include high-dosage tablets, capsules, both acquo-dispersible and oro-dispersible sachets, and single-dose vials with a dosing cap.


Thanks to the innovations brought by MATRIS® technology, Sodium Butyrate becomes a more accessible and pleasant dietary supplement to take, overcoming the main challenges associated with its use. IPS, with its dedication to research and development of advanced nutraceutical solutions, continues to improve the quality of life for consumers through effective products that are easily integrated into daily routines.

Note: This article is provided for informational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice.

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