M.A.T.R.I.S. DUAL® Technology

M.A.T.R.I.S. DUAL® Technology

Under patent registration.

In recent times interest was highlighted for a unique formulation of one or more active ingredients, with both a slow and a rapid release, in order to allow a finished product with a release both fast and retard.

Such a dual mode of release has been recently achieved by IPS with the setting up of the MATRIS DUAL® technology.

This technology allows the production of mini-particles, of dimensions measurable in a few hundred microns (thousands of a millimeter), each one formed by one or more active ingredients, with an initial fast release of a certain quantity of the total dose (i.e. 50%), followed by a slow release, still from the same particle, of the remaining dose.

In other words, the mini-particles are mini-devices at the same time releasing their content, both in the case of a single active ingredient and of more ingredients, at different times and pre-defined speeds.

The entirety of the mini-particles forms an actual fine granulate which can be utilized as a basic product for obtaining final forms of administration, with the desired characteristics of release, such as tablets, capsules, single dose sachets also oro-soluble, extemporary suspensions, single dose bottles with metering cap.

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